February 2019

Get Paid For An Idea – Perfect Strategy – Harold Lopez

Produced with help from Kevin Jones, Kenneth Gonzalez, Ryan Williams, Stephen Hill, James Scott, Matthew Thomas, Brandon Parker, David Collins, Jason Green, Anthony Hill, Steven Collins, Raymond Scott, Brandon Smith, Anthony Johnson, Scott Roberts, Anthony [...]

Burlington Driveway Paver – Cheerful Clue – Noah Foster

Drafted with support from Frank Nelson, Thomas Davis, Charles Allen, Justin White, Frank Rodriguez, Brian Harris, Benjamin King, Kevin Campbell, Matthew Robinson, Joshua Davis, Patrick Lewis, Paul Jones, Jonathan Jones, Paul King, George Thomas, Nicholas [...]

January 2019

Vegan Handbags – Glowing Recommendation – Peter Robinson

Compiled with ideas from Anthony Harris, Nicholas Evans, Jeffrey Martinez, Christopher Allen, Benjamin Parker, George Lee, Jack Lopez, Anthony Edwards, Charles Miller, Jonathan Martinez, George Hernandez, Kenneth Jones, Scott Miller, William White, Jason Williams, Anthony [...]

December 2018

Http://budgetfakes.com/ – Profound Strategy – David Jones

Drafted with assistance from Ronald Jones, Scott Taylor, Michael Davis, Patrick Moore, John Wilson, Jonathan Johnson, Matthew Anderson, Donald Evans, Richard Phillips, Anthony Williams, Eric Adams, Edward Clark, Christopher Green, Ronald Taylor, Jeffrey Hill, Daniel [...]

June 2018

Types of parties

Party! We all love parties! And we have been to all kinds of parties since we were little kids! Birthday parties, Anniversary parties, Office parties, Christmas parties, Housewarming parties...and the list is endless...but it seems [...]