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Located along the 24hr streetcar line/near Islington Blue Night Bus at  2877 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Placebo Space has been dubbed one of the top 10 intimate concert venues in Toronto.


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Types of parties

Party! We all love parties! And we have been to all kinds of parties since we were little kids! Birthday parties, Anniversary parties, Office parties, Christmas parties, Housewarming parties…and the list is endless…but it seems like the party sector has made advancements too! There has been a lot of development in the Party Sector, and we love these new party trends! Catch up with a few…

Wine tasting Party:
All you wine lovers, take note! These parties are often held at wineries or vineyards and even by people who want to flaunt their exquisite collection of wine!

Karaoke Party:
Karaoke party nights are really fun! With a group of people swaying and singing songs, it really sets the mood! Plus you have tasty food and drinks coming along, why not give it a shot? You can even think of organising one in your backyard!

BBQ Party:
Catch hold of all the cooks and non-cooks in your group and have this party! The Cook clan can be given the task of marinating and grilling the BBQ, while the Non-cook ones can take charge of the drinks and entertainment!

Game Day party:
With the Fifa World Cup around, the football fever has already gripped the city! Many sports lovers organise game day parties with the sport-themed food and decor. Or its almost always a lazy party with lots of pizza, chips and beers thrown in!

Tupperware party:
Tupperware is no longer restricted to being a container! There are Tupperware themed parties too! This is an innovative way to exchange cooking tips and recipes and how Tupperware can be used to prepare them. And this way, even Tupperware gets advertised!

Rubik’s Cube party:
Got a gang who loves to solve the Rubik’s Cube? Why not get together and organise a Party with them? You can have a gaming marathon and lots of exciting food based on the Rubik’s cube theme! How about a Rubik’s Cube-shaped cake? Sounds delicious!


Masquerade ball Party:
Fifty Shades of Grey has sure made brought this party into the limelight! Get behind those mystic masquerades and dance along with your favourite partner! Girls in ball gowns and guys in crisp suits, could it be any better?

Craft party:
Yes! There’s still a clan of people existing on earth who think beyond their gadgets and the internet! These craft parties are for such artsy people! And such a great idea to bond with and learn from like-minded people!

Superheroes party:
With the Avengers movies releasing, the superhero spirit has sunk into us all! These parties are real fun when everyone takes an effort to dress as per their favourite superhero! And imagine the wide range of food that can be set up on this theme! Captain America Cake, Iron man Ice-cream…should sound something like that!

Already feel like organising one, right? Me too! Off I go…!!

Ways to Dress up for a Party

The mere sound of the word “Party” gets us all pumped up and excited! The moment we get to know we have to attend a party, we start making mental notes of what we’re going to wear, how we’re going to accessorise it and what shoes we’ll be teaming our outfit with! All justified, but sometimes, we do get confused as to what we should be wearing for a party, especially if it’s a specific type of party or a theme part. Don’t worry; we’re here to help, we have listed quite a few outfits which will surely come to your rescue in times of confusion or dilemma!

  1. Off-shoulder lace top teamed with a lace palazzo:
    It’s an exquisite, yet sexy outfit that you can carry off to a party. If you have toned shoulders and collar bones, a great way to flaunt them too! Accessorise with a choker and metallic hoops, and you’re all set! Great for outdoor, informal parties
  2. Crop shirt and high waist pants:
    You can carry off this look even for your office parties. A cropped shirt, instead of a top will do the trick. Try to get something in polka dots so that it adds the fun element. Team it up with well-fitting pants, and you’re done! Accessorise it depending upon the neckline, and again, metallic hoops go well with these too!
  3. Wrap dress:
    The best part about wrap dresses is that they suit every body type! Also, you can decide on the length depending on the event and of course the weather. Opt for wavy hair left open; it gives a soft appearance to the outfit.
  4. One arm lace crop top:
    Our obsession with lace will never end! It’s just so classy and regal that we can’t get it off our heads. This one arm lace top is something you should try out. Team it with a pair of well-tailored pants, and you’re in for a super elegant look! For earrings, go in for sleek metallic danglers.
  5. Jumpsuits:
    Yeah, you can wear them to parties too! An embellished jumpsuit or one in a shiny material will help you stand out from all other dresses in the party. Choose a square necked jumpsuit in a bright colour and team it with a delicate neckpiece with a stunning locket.
  6. Tailored blazers:
    Get one of these immediately! Make sure it’s in a colour that’s other than the usual navy blue and black blazers. Baby blue or lilac and you can pair it with a pair of tailored shorts, pants or even a mini skirt! Go for the minimalistic look as your blazer is enough to make heads turn.
  7. Kimono sleeve mini dress:
    This looks best in its crochet version! It looks very classy and accentuate it with a pair of shoulder duster earrings, and you’re in for a stunning look!                                                                                                                                                                       
  8. Plunge neck midi dress:
    These dresses are really sexy, and you can opt for a sleek, pulled back hair look with this one. Choose a multiple string pearl necklace with this one.
  9. One sleeve blouses:
    These funky blouses are really cool! You can team them with a pair of distressed or even regular jeans. The single sleeve already adds the glam quotient, so opt for a simple side-swept hairdo. Accessories not required.

Hope we managed to help you sort out your dress for that weekend party! Have fun!

Christine M. Barbosa

“The project was started as an alternative to the rigid nightlife structure that exists today. Through science and technology, we are able to recreate the nightlife scene all through the day. Check in with us today and party your hearts out.”


“I just listened to it and said to myself, “Man, I really love this album.” Still, today, it just sounds so fresh. It sounds full of ideas. These guys knew what they were doing. They’re good. And they’re inventive. I haven’t heard anything this year that’s as inventive. I don’t really expect to.”

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Host your next private event with us!Offbeat wedding celebrations, launches, fashion shows, exhibits film screenings, birthdays community capacity building,  Christmas gatherings & more!



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